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"A specialist supplier of state-of-the-art living green walls, green roofs and major indoor planting schemes

helping clients to incorporate key principals of Biophilic Design into their spaces"

Biophilic Designs offer fully managed supply, install and maintenance service to formidable projects all over the world (both commercial and residential) requiring cutting edge products that champion key principals of Biophilic Design.

At the heart of what we do is the desire to bring the undeniable benefits of Biophilic Design to the mainstream, as the incredibly positive impact this movement can have on our physical and mental health as well as our well-being in general is better understood now than ever before.

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"It’s not just decoration: Biophilic design is a competitive advantage"

A snapshot of just some of the key benefits of implementing Biophilic Design in your project:

  • Office design: Efficiency increases of up to 8%, with rates of well-being up by 15%, with notable increases in creativity with decreased absenteeism and stress-related illnesses.

  • Hospitality design: Clients willing to pay 23% more for rooms utilising Biophilic Design.

  • Education spaces: Increased rates of learning 20 - 25%, improved test results, concentration levels and attendance, reduced impacts of ADHD.

  • Healthcare spaces: Post-operative recovery times reduced by 8.5% and reduced need for pain medication by 22%.

  • Retail spaces: Use of vegetation & landscaping leads to increases in rental rates on retail spaces with an increased customer spend of 8 -12%

  • Homes: More calming & restorative, with 7 - 8% less crime in areas with access to nature and increases of 4 - 5% in property price

Some of the benefits of plants

Biophilic Designs Benefits of Plants

Using plants to help regulate humidity and remove toxins from the air

Biophilic Design Benefits of Plants Office Design

Alexander Bond 


Founder - Biophilic Designs

Aloe Vera



Biophilic Design, London
Biophilic Design, London
Biophilic Design, London

Health Benefits


  • Soothes Rashes and Skin Irritations.

  • Treats Burns.

  • Heals Cold Sores.

  • Moisturizes Hair and Scalp.

  • Helps with Digestion.

  • Boosts the Immune System. 

  • Provides Antioxidants and Reduces Inflammation.

  • Detoxify air and emits pure O2

Health Benefits

  • The bromeliad plant does its all important work at night.

  • This flowering plant will rid the air of harmful toxins - VOC'S - and emits pure O2

  • Keep one in your bedroom can help make sure you breathe cleaner, fresher, healthier air overnight and in turn, provide you with a deeper and more restful sleep.

Health Benefits

  • Antimicrobial properties.

  • Eucalyptus leaves & essential oil are commonly used in complementary medicine.

  • Colds and respiratory problems.

  • Oral and dental care.

  • Fungal infections and wounds.

  • Insect repellent and pain relief.

  • Stimulating immune system.

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A serious passion for plants and natural environments

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