Lighting has a significant impact on our state of mind and output. Since we spend most of our days at work, it is important that we have just the right amount and intensity of light to perform at peak levels. In addition to the known aesthetics benefits of good lighting in the office, it is also of necessity in improving general staff health and creativity at work.

The quality of the artificial lighting in place in the office is one of the key determinants of output level at work. According to scientific studies, the eye makes up 80% of our sensory input at work. Therefore, we simply cannot compromise our vision when considering energy efficiency options.

Babylon*Inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Babylon Light is a multifunctional pendant for those who love plants but not the clutter of flowerpots.  Provides downlighting up to 180° horizontally. Ideal above tables, working surfaces and transitional areas. Ideal for succulents, ground coverings and air plants.

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Pendularis System* The floating indoor gardens of Pendularis create vibrant green interior spaces, improve a room’s climate and acoustics, and
lift your spirits too. The floating character of the construction, the modular setup and the elaborate selection of plants make Pendularis a unique indoor greening solution. Lighting element launching early 2020

Biophilic Designs


Babylone & Bridge* A truly stunning set of lights that mix illumination with live plants bringing an extra dimension to your biophilic interior schemes. With endless planting options such as herbs for your kitchen garden or easy to maintain succulents for your office. Functions: Lighting, air cleansing, air humidifier with a high level of aesthetics.

Biophilic Designs


SKITSCH* A potent and immediate name like a musical note, which under the international flavour hides an all Italian reality. A brand whose philosophy resides in the creation of small art pieces for the everyday living, capable of joining the perfection of function to the emotion. Innovation, great design in its purest form, becomes accessible to everyone through the genius of the biggest worldwide artists

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