Green Walls & Hyper-Realistic Partitions

Green walls and our hyper-realistic partitions generate awe-inspiring statements by creating enthralling and provoking environments. They are as equally remarkable in appearance as they are fundamental to good health and well-being; the plants in the living walls work as a natural air-filtration system that building occupants can enjoy. 

A developing movement in Biophilic design, these vertically/horizontally sprawling gardens are springing to life across the world on the exteriors/interiors of high-rise office buildings, hospitality buildings, office reception areas and healthcare environments.

VERTICAL GARDEN* Our greenwall projects are based on outstanding design linked with the latest technology such as; automated irrigation sytems coupled with remote monitoring. Our mission is to push for a healthy relationship between humans and nature which adds to a higher quality of life with the ultimate aim of improving the well-being of people and the environment they occupy in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Biophilic Design


LIVING WALL*These specialist hydroponic living wall panels are incredibly easy to install and maintain with built in diagnostics and automatic self watering systems. On board water/nutrient reservoir means pluming into mains water connection/drainage is not required making this one of the most advanced and environmentally considerate Living walls on the market. Bespoke sizes and further options available upon request.

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PRESERVED MOSS WALLS* are the latest material used to implement principals of Biophilic Design into environments where traditional living walls cannot be used: this is the art of using moss, a natural lichen, to furnish and redefine interiors. The moss is grown naturally in Scandinavia, covering large areas that are generally used for grazing reindeer, moose and musk oxen.


In order to be used as a stable material the moss is harvested and stabilized by drying. This way the moss requires zero maintenance and can be used in a number of ways to create stunning green spaces which can be highly modified according to the project requirements...

Biophilic Design


REM PARTITIONS* A three-dimensional, layered depiction of the plant is placed into a light box. When the light shines through the thin green leaves, the representation becomes hyper realistic. The plant leaves the suggestion of being alive, trapped behind milky Plexiglas, in its wooden casing... Or so you're led to believe...

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