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Green Roofs

Green roof benefits, along with those of green walls, can have huge positive impacts on residential, institutional, industrial and commercial buildings. They provide such benefits as: Improving localised air quality, reduing greenhouse gas emissions, lessening the Urban Heat Island Effect, improving storm water management, reducing energy use, increasing the roof lifespan and increasing biodiversity.

Our green roofs are uniquely made up of pre-vegetated sedum/wildflower/combi trays which, in most cases, can be placed directly onto the existing waterproof membrane. Thanks to their puzzle like modular construction they can be temporarily or permanently installed and look stunning from day one. 

Green roofs can essentially be categorised into two system types: Extensive and Intensive. Extensive green roofs are characterised by their low weight, low capital cost and minimal maintenance. Intensive green roofs have a greater soil depth and more diverse planting options with higher maintenance requirements.

Fortnum & Mason Gren Roof

2019 Living Roofs & Living Walls Report

We are delighting to have our retro-fitted green roof project at Fortnum & Mason feature as a case study in the recently published 2019 Living Roof & Living wall report

Living Roofs & Living Walls Report

2019 Living Roofs & Walls Report Download

Fortnum & Mason Case study 

Green Roof Fortnum & Mason
Green Roof Fortnum & Mason
Green Roof Fortnum & Mason
Green Roof Fortnum & Mason
Sedum/Grass Green Roof
Sedum & Wildflower Green Roof
Sedum Green Roof
Sedum Green Roof
Sedum & Wildflower Green Roof
Sedum Green Roof
Wild Grass Green Roof
Biophilic Designs



Our modular green roof solutions can help you qualify for the highest environmental certification levels,

LEED: Up to 41 points


BREEAM: Selecting native species plants within a module system further enhances the provenance of the green roof and can secure additional credits within the 'Land Use and Ecology' and ‘Biodiversity’ sections.

Green Roof London Biophilic Design
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