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Welcome to the Biophilic Jungle

Welcome to the Biophilic Concrete Jungle

Exploring the missing link in sustainable design

The average person spends more than 90 percent of their time indoors, often with eyes glued to a screen. We have become the Indoor Generation. Deprived of our ancestral connections to nature, public health is declining—even as our cities are growing.

But there’s hope. Recent research confirms what many have intuitively known: Nature makes us happier and healthier.

HOK’s planners and designers are using principles of biophilic design to reconnect people with nature at an everyday level. This means bringing daylight, natural materials, vegetation, outside views and other elements of the environment into the spaces and places we create.

Join HOK’s sustainability team in an investigation of the next green paths leading toward health and well-being for all.

The panellists:

Moderator: Blanca Dasi Espuig - Sustainable Design Specialist, HOK

Joyce Chan – Sustainable Design Leader, HOK

Trina Marshall – Regional Leader of Consulting, HOK

Alexander Bond – Consultant, Biophilic Designs

Prof. Derek Clements-Croome - Reading University

Dr Ed Suttie – Research Biophilia Specialist, BRE

All Credits to:

Organisers of Welcome to the Biophilic Concrete Jungle

With offices around the globe, HOK designs buildings and spaces that respond to the needs of people and the environment. HOK designers are rooted in technical excellence, driven by imagination and focused on a solitary goal: to deliver solutions that inspire clients and communities.

Special thanks to:

Blanca Dasi Espuig of HOK for kindly inviting Alexander Bond of Biophilic Designs to participate in the panel discussions and for the exhibition space:

To learn more about the importance of applying key principals of Biophilic Design in your project do get in touch: 0207 460 4406


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